Discussion with an Iranian girl on the condition of women in her country

Indo-Religion: What do you feel about cousin marriage?

Iranian Girl: Two of my family members married to their first cousin, that’s okay I have no problem with that, but I think it is not right. When I was a child, I used to play with my elder cousins and younger cousins. I always thought them as my brother but when I became older, I realized that, they were not looking at me as a sister.

I was 12 years old at that time and I cried lot because they didn’t see me as a sister.

Indo-Religion : We heard lot of  things about stoning, killing women by stones….

Iranian girl: This is most absurd thing in Iran, how one could be so cruel to any human being. Anyway, Stoning is a punishment which would be prescribed for woman who found guilty of adultery or extra-marital affair kind of thing.

Indo-religion : What about man, I mean, if a man committed adultery, would it be same punishment.

Iranian girl: Ya, there is punishment for man too, however man escapes most of the time by blaming woman that she encouraged him for those kinds of stuff. In Iranian society, any sexual misconduct blamed on women only.

Indo-religion: what is punishment for pre-marital sex?

Iranian girl:- flogging or lashes for women and man both.

Indo-religion: Do you feel unsafe when you walk out of your home?

Iranian girl: In Iran, when you walk out you need to cover your head with hizab and you can’t wear tight clothes when you walk out. So, I usually don’t cover my head fully. I mean I do cover but some portion of my hair would be visible. So, I might get some miscreants on the way.

Indo-religion:- If someone try to touch you inappropriately or passed lewd comment on you on the way, then can you go to police?

Iranian girl: We can’t go to police if we are not following the dress code, like covering head and wearing loose clothes. So, If I am not wearing hijab fully and I wore tight cloth (Jeans or t-shirt) and someone try to touch me on the way then I can’t go to police because I encouraged them for sex, or I excited them sexually.

Indo-religion: Where do you want to settle?

Iranian girl: I want to settle in Europe, I will marry a European guy, or I will move to another country for a job because, In Europe, there are no restrictions on a woman. They are free in Europe.

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