Do Ex-Muslims need to change their name?

Name is a powerful identity of any human-being. The name is given to the child by their parents and that stayed with them for a whole life. One has an emotional attachment with his or her name. Nobody wants to change his name.

Before 21st century nobody was bothers about Arabic name or Muslim name however after rise of Islamic terrorism many people starts bothering about their name. Government started surveillance on its people by their name. Arabic or Muslim name has been targeted by the surveillance agencies. Their activities, movement, association, social media activity is actively monitored. Let’s talk about few examples where Arabic names and Muslim names has been monitored by government

  • US government agencies particularly, CIA and military are gathering all the information of people who have Arabic names or Muslim names
  • To stop money laundering and terror activities, All the banks are monitoring banking related activities of people with Arabic or Muslim names
  • Islamophobia caused many attacks on the people with Arabic names.

Changing names comes with Pros as well as cons however pros are overwhelming Let’s talk about pros and cons


  • Loss of identity, a mental agony
  • Living with new names means losing all the association with previous names
  • Adjusting with the new name is difficult


  • Assimilation with the new community becomes easier.
  • People or law enforcement agencies would not be suspicious of you
  • State Espionage chances became lesser
  • A complete transformation of man or woman
  • The new name brings new hope and life as it is chosen by you only.
  • In the 21st century, a new name and identity can bring freedom.

Ex Muslim should change their name and identity as it will save them from getting targeted by the religious fundamental groups. It will bring new positivity in their life. There are many people who became successful after changing their name. For example, legendry actor Muhammed Yusuf Khan, Dilip Kumar, became successful in Acting career after changing his name.

In conclusion, one should take informed decision before changing his name.

When a man came to buddha to adopt Buddhism. Buddha told him to properly investigate the religion before submitting to it. According to lord buddha one need to properly investigate before taking any decision in life.

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