15 Reasons why Muslim women should look for another religion

  • In Islamic marriage, women owe obedience to their husband, and beatings for disobedience are justified. This means that many rights, especially rights to economic, political and social participation, become conditional on male approval in most interpretations of Islam.
  • According to Muslims culture, men are superior to the women, women depend on men and therefore they are supposed to be obedient and submissive to their husbands. How will a man ensure that submissiveness ? Muslim man ensured the dependence of female on male by not allowing them to get education or not allowing them to earn money or not allowing them to take step outside their home because if a woman got education then male will lose their power and privilege.
  • Muslim women are not allowed to engage in jobs which demand long working hours because there will be very little or no time to spend with children and husband. This interferes with woman’s sexual performance as she comes back home very tired and therefore, she is not able to satisfy his husband sexually.
  • Domestic violence in Muslim families has been encouraged by some of the Islamic teachings that allow domestic violence against women. These teachings give men permission to discipline or beat their wives if they are disobedience to them. Apparently, women are supposed to be obedient and obey their husbands without question. Muslim community has a legal process, which does not deal with cases related to domestic violence. Consequently, absences of such legal process that can punish domestic violence culprits have perpetuated women beatings.
  • Islamic law allows man to marry more than one wife. Consequently, most Muslim men are polygamous; this has resulted lack of attention and in sometimes divided attention to women as much time is spent with the newly married woman she enjoys sexually, and she gets much support financially.
  • In Islam, there exists a gender difference whereby Muslim women are not permitted by the Islam culture to be married by non-Muslim Additionally, a Muslim woman is not allowed to denounce Islamic culture or religion in order to get married by a non-Muslim man This is because leaving Islam is not allowed and is considered a religious crime which can lead to death as a punishment.
  • Muslim men also can marry temporarily; this type of marriage is referred to as
    marriages of pleasure
    , where a man is allowed by Islamic culture to marry for some days, week or a month the spouses are given a marriage certificate which automatically expires on the agreed date.
  • In these temporary marriages, a man must pay some money to a woman or
    sometimes the family is paid in exchange for a temporary marriage relationship. These
    temporary marriages are legal in Islamic culture and they have triggered a debate as those who practice them makes Islam seem like a religion that allows prostitution.
  • Men, on the other hand, have been allowed to marry non-Muslim women. This has resulted are unequal relationship where are treated unfairly like a slave who must be submissive and obedient to a master. Islam does not allow the superiority of women because according to their religion woman is supposed to be obedient and should always be submissive to the husband.
  • Women have no right assets owned by man before marriage, as well as those earned by a man after the marriage. Assets remain under the man during marriage and in case of a divorce.
  • Islam requires women to cleanse their bodies by washing with water and recite prayers
    seeking forgiveness and purification after engaging in sex. According to Muslims culture, a woman is considered impure religiously after sex and during menstruation. There is discrimination against women, as men are not considered impure even after having sex with different women.
  • Female genital mutilation is defended by Muslim communities because they believe it helps in reducing a woman’s sexual desire thus lessening chances and temptations to have extramarital sex and therefore preserving a girl’s purity.
  • Muslim women have also been discriminated in religious life, the few who go to the mosque worship separately with men as men believe women would distract them during prayer prostrations as they bend over to the ground with their buttocks up while their foreheads touch the floor.
  • Women are permitted to be in the places of worship or rather in the mosques. However, women became unclean after sexual interaction with men, therefore they have always avoided going to the mosque because Islam requires them to be cleansed first before appearing in public.
  • Women have been denied the right to become imams, the role of an imam is that of spiritual leader in the mosque, to lead the congregation during prayer. In addition, women cannot all lead prayers in the mosque because of issues of unchastely caused by engaging in sexual behaviour.

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